Buteyko Breathing Workshops can be arranged for Senior Communities and Places of Worship.

For the Community

“I’ve been astonished and also very pleased with the excellent result. There is no disruption of their life at all by their disease: normal activities; not waking at night; not needing to use any reliever medications. It’s just great...75% control is about as good as anyone has got in any study of asthma. The neat thing about it is that it has no side effects. It’s very safe. The Buteyko technique certainly has been shown to be an important adjunct to treatment."
Dr. Robert Cowie, Resident Respirologist of Foothills Hospital in Calgary and head researcher on the Buteyko Breathing Technique Medical Trial. October 2004 - April 2005.

At six month follow up the Buteyko group had:

  • Improved asthma control from 40% to 75%
  • 39% of patients decreased inhaled corticosteroids
  • 21% eliminated inhaled corticosteroids

The Buteyko Breathing Course for Senior Citizens consists of three weekly 1-1/2 hour workshops following the introductory presentation. It is designed to provide permanent relief by correcting dysfunctional breathing habits.  Buteyko is very safe for seniors. 

An organization wishing to host a Buteyko Breathing course should contact Dermod Wood (email: dermod.wood@gmail.com or cell: 908-310-9667).

The requirements for hosting a workshop are:

  • Making a suitable space or room available for the introductory presentation and the three weekly 1-1/2 hour workshops.
  • Space for the trainer to set up a projector and screen for a video presentation.
  • Covid restrictions of the organization (social distancing, masks, etc.) will be followed.

Staff are encouraged to attend the workshops.

 For Residents

The Buteyko Breathing Method is a series of gentle breathing exercises that, over time, will help reduce and even eliminate the complaints above.  It has been used successfully by well-over 100,000 people worldwide, of all ages. 

Everyone is welcome to the One-hour Introductory Presentation and Q/A session.  In this, we will describe the program, what it does, and what is involved in participating.   The location, date and time of scheduled presentations will be arranged with your establishment.

If you would like us to host a breathing course at your residential facility, call Dermod (cell: 908-310-9667), and he will see what he can do to make it happen.

The Buteyko Breathing Course consists of three 1-1/2 hour workshops held weekly.  You will have the opportunity to sign-up after the presentation.  

The course is very practical and the exercises assigned and customized for each individual. 

Scheduled Introductory Presentations

(No reservations necessary)




Some of the Benefits of Buteyko Breathing: 

  • More oxygen delivered to the tissues and the brain
  • Improved concentration, focus and productivity
  • Calmer mind
  • Better control of asthma and allergies
  • Less colds, chest infections, phlegm and nasal drip
  • Significantly less rhinitis
  • Improved sleep (sleep apnea, snoring, in particular)
  • Reduced breathlessness during exercise

Well over 100,000 people worldwide have been helped by the Buteyko Breathing Method, and in clinical trials in Russia, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the UK, and Ireland it has been shown to be highly effective for a wide variety of chronic breathing-related conditions.  It is not yet widely-known or practiced in the United States, though this is changing.

The Buteyko Breathing Method consists of a series of exercises designed to change your breathing habits. The method uses nasal breathing, breath control, and breath-holding exercises to treat a wide range of health conditions, often when other more conventional treatments have been ineffective. 

Just completed a workshop? It would be very helpful if you would fill in the Workshop Evaluation Form.