Morning CP Help

This form is used to keep track of your progress on a daily basis.  The results are available to you, and to your instructor if you request a review.

When the Buteyko Breathing Course is over we recommend that you continue to record your Morning Control Pause and other health data. This form walks you through the sequence and allows you to record the results for progress tracking and analysis.

By selecting Yes in the Do you want to update your Weight Stats radio button additional entry fields are displayed for weight, hight, waist and hips, and your BMI and Waist-to-Hips ratios are calculated, both important measures of general health.  We recommend updating these on a regular basis.

We suggest using the mobile for tracking your health data daily. If you are using the Chrome browser you can place a link to the form on the mobile Home Screen. Click on the browser menu icon (three dots), top right, and select Add to Home Screen