Physical Health

Overview of the Buteyko Method and the ButeykoPlus™ Breathing Course

Module 1

This module is an introduction to the Buteyko Breathing course. It introduces the course, and explains the significance of the breathing test and questionnaire results. It also looks at the history of the Buteyko Breathing Method (BBM), and provides an overview of the key principles  and an alphabetical list of the Buteyko exercises covered.

Module Structure

Free Introduction to the Buteyko Breathing Course 3 Lessons

What do the test results mean? (video)

Both the Breathing Test and the Nijmegen Questionnaire are measures of Dysfunctional Breathing/Hyperventilation Syndrome (DB/HVS).  We briefly describe and define DB/HVS, provide an analysis of your results, and list some of the health issues that can result from failure to correct the condition.   

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History and Overview of the Buteyko Breathing Method 4 Lessons

A Brief History (video)

A brief history of the development and acceptance of the Buteyko Breathing Method for hyperventilation in the USSR and its spread to the West.  Includes a review and links to clinical trials performed in the West.  Summarizes reasons why it might be important to you.

Alphabetical Listing of the Buteyko Exercises Covered (text)

This lesson provides a list in alphabetical order, of all the Buteyko exercises covered in the course, with a brief description of each; what it is and what purpose it serves.

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Record Keeping 4 Lessons

Daily exercise Log (during the initial six-week training period and as needed) (text)

The daily routine during the course of the training consists of carrying out the 15-minute Buteyko Exercise Sequence morning and night, with a walking session mid-day.  This form walks you through the sequence and allows you to record the results for progress tracking and analysis.

Morning CP Log (ongoing) (text)

This form is used to keep track of your progress after you have completed the five-week Buteyko Breathing course.  The results are available to you (the Morning CP Log button on the Dashboard) and to your instructor, when you request a review.