Buteyko Breathing

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About this course

This course covers the basics of the Buteyko Breathing Method and provides an overview of the resources available from Buteyko Plus™.

This is a simple do-it-yourself course.  If you feel like you could use more assistance we believe that the workshops, coaching and tools provided in the Buteyko Plus™ Advanced Breathing Course can greatly increase the probability of a successful outcome. 

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Introduction 5 Lessons

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What do the test results mean?

Both the Breathing Test and the Nijmegen Questionnaire are measures of Dysfunctional Breathing/Hyperventilation Syndrome (DB/HVS).  We briefly describe and define DB/HVS, provide an analysis of your results, and list some of the health issues that can result from failure to correct the condition.   

Basic Buteyko Exercises 6 Lessons

Taping the Mouth

The one thing that anybody who has ever heard of the Buteyko breathing method seems to know, is that it involves taping the mouth shut at night. This produces reactions ranging from intense amusement to horror. It's an awful lot of fuss about nothing. The process is very simple and harmless.  It keeps your mouth closed and you breathing through your nose while asleep.