This Utilities Menu provides access to all the tools required to support the training. The best way to access it is from the link in the menu bar.  Note that access to the actual menu (the last lesson of this chapter) is restricted to logged-in users.

Recording Progress

1. The Breathing Reset

This is the exercise sequence you will use most, during the four-week core training. It’s a 20-minute sequence of Control Pauses and Reduced Breathing.

Ideally it is performed last-thing at night, and first-thing in the morning. It will probably mean planning to go to bed, and waking up, 30-minutes earlier than you are used to.

The duration of the first Control Pause counts as your Morning CP. No need to do that as a separate exercise.

2. The Morning CP

The Morning Control Pause or CP, is an important metric of your general health. It is used to track your progress through the course, and after.

3. The Breathing Questionnaire

This is the Nijmegen questionnaire, that lets us zero-in on specific issues that you might be having, and measures improvement from your point-of-view. We advise completing it when starting the programme, and monthly after that.

4. The Client History Form

This is a medical history form, which you should complete when starting the programme, and also whenever there is a significant change in your health, or medications.

Workshops and Counselling

5. Book a Workshop

One hour workshops are weekly, and times are posted on the booking page. They are free for course participants, and we suggest that you attend each week at the time most convenient to you, then as required after that. Space is limited so you need to reserve a seat with this form.  They run on a four-week schedule, starting the first Sunday of the month.

6. Book Counseling

Sometimes it is helpful to have a one-on-one counseling session, via Skype or Zoom. This form is an automatic booking system, that will allow you to set up a 1-hour session. The cost is $100, payable by credit card.

7. The Support Form

The Support Form is the easiest way to ask a question, or contact the instructor. We will respond within a few hours, by email or phone as appropriate. You can access it directly from the menu bar.

Other (Odds and Ends)

8. The Exercise Index

This is a list of all the Buteyko exercises, with direct links, sorted in the order in which they are covered in the course. It is available from the menu bar.

9. Resources

Over the years that we have been practicing and teaching these exercises, we have found various items to be helpful, and we have listed them here, with purchase links to Amazon.

10. Terms and Conditions

This is a full statement, of the terms and conditions that govern our relationship. You need to agree to them, in order to participate in our training.

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