Physical Health

The Buteyko Breathing Course

Lesson 1 Chapter 1 Module 1

How can this help me?

I guess the first thing you want to know is whether this course is going to help you. I'll tell you what it can provide:

  • It will provide a better quality of life, by improving your breathing, your sleep, and your ability to exercise. 
  • It can reduce your need for asthma and allergy medications.
  • Together with the other courses in the program, it will naturally reduce high blood pressure and high blood sugar. 
  • It can provide a boost to your athletic performance, if you're an aging athlete.
  • It can greatly improve your mood and outlook on life. 

If you have, or are developing any chronic health issues you've probably tried quite a few things already, both medical and complementary. Presumably, if you're reading this, they haven't worked too well for you.  I'm sure you have some doubts about this program also. You have some questions:

  • Does it make sense? 
  • Does it look like it might help your particular issues?
  • Will it be too rigorous and demanding?
  • Will you be able to stick to it? 

The best way to answer these questions is to try it.  Sign up for course  and you have 30 days in which to see if it works for you.  If you don't feel you have made any worthwhile progress cancel and receive a full refund.  You have nothing to lose but your time.

I know what it's like to be in what seems to be in a slow path of declining health, with no end in sight. In my 50s, I was suffering primarily from asthma and allergies, but this was affecting everything else in life, my sleep, my ability to exercise, and my emotional state.  I came across Buteyko, decided to try it, and found that it was very helpful to me. This started off 15 years of study, trial and error, to find out what would really work to improve my health. These courses are the result. I want to share what I've found out, as widely as possible. 

Why is Buteyko Breathing the first course in the series?

You might wonder why I start off with the Buteyko Breathing.  Why I consider it the foundation of good health.  As you may know, asthma is a rapidly growing global epidemic.  A very large proportion of older adults have or will develop asthma or a related condition such as emphysema, snoring or sleep apnea.  Buteyko has been proven to help with these conditions, reducing the need for asthma and allergy medications and greatly improving measures of quality-of-life.

Together with measures to improve exercise, lose weight and get a good night's sleep covered in later courses, it can naturally reduce high blood pressure and high blood sugar, reduce the likelihood of  strokes and heart attacks, and improve a wide range of chronic health conditions.  This is supported by evidence from literally thousands of subjects.1

Where do I go from here?

I suggest that if you haven't done so, you should take the breathing test and questionnaire.  This will give you a good idea of whether you're going to get any benefit. 

If your breath hold time is less than 20 or your questionnaire results greater than 20. I strongly suggest you sign up for the 30-day trial period.  At the end of four weeks you should take the breathing test and questionnaire again and compare the results.

You should be feeling better, sleeping better, breathing better and finding it easier to exercise.  If you are not fully satisfied you can cancel the program and request a full refund. 

  1. You can see a list of the clinical trials of the Buteyko Method that I've found, here.