Buteyko for Children and Teenagers

Chronic mouth breathing is particularly damaging for young children. Not only does it result in asthma and other breathing related issues, but it also affects the proper development of the jaws and teeth, resulting in crowded and crooked teeth and the need for braces. If caught early enough, age six or earlier, these issues can be prevented.  Be on the lookout for mouth breathing in your young child!

We do not currently have workshops specifically for younger children (12 and under).  Younger children need the support of the family.  They can pick up the bad breathing habits of the parents, so the first requirement is to ensure that the parents are breathing correctly.  

We suggest purchasing the Individual/Family Counseling Package and plan for at least one parent to attend the counseling sessions with the child.  

Patrick McKeown has written a book, Always Breathe Correctly, specifically for children, which provides instructions and pointers, which we recommend as a textbook in this situation.

Teenagers, (13-18) can sign up for the regular workshops, with parental consent.  Parents are encouraged to sit in as observers.

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