Buteyko Breathing Course

Thank You

  • You are now registered for the Buteyko Breathing Course.  Your registration is valid for a period of six months.  
  • The basic course material is structured into five one-week segments but you can proceed at whatever pace is comfortable for you.  
  • While you are working through this basic course material (the first five weeks) we ask you to complete a 15-minute Course Breathing Exercise Sequence first thing in the morning and last thing at night, and record your results in the Course Breathing Exercise.  We recommend using your smart phone.  The results will be reviewed by our staff who will provide feedback and advice as necessary.  You may also request a review at any time using the Online Support Form.
  • Follow-up and support are essential for the purpose of achieving permanent changes to your breathing habits.  Live workshops are held several times-a-week at no extra charge and we strongly encourage you to attend.  Please see Reservations for the current schedule.  
  • Workshops are either Basic or Advanced.  Basic are most appropriate for members during the 5-week basic training, and Advanced for those who have completed this training.  You can also book a 15-minute or 30-minute private coaching session with an instructor at extra cost.  Workshops are hosted on Zoom.  Private coaching sessions on Skype.

Welcome to Buteyko Plus.  We hope you will find the courses both helpful and enjoyable.