Live Long and Prosper...

Dermod Wood, PhD is a certified instructor with Buteyko Clinic International, the developer of the Buteyko Plus Total Health Program, and principal instructor.  He has been practicing the Buteyko Method for his own asthma for more than 20 years and teaching it for the last fifteen, also  researching and investigating the other factors that contribute to a long, healthy and happy life. 

The Buteyko Plus program consists of online courses for Buteyko Breathing, Exercise, Nutrition and Sleep.  One-on-one training via Zoom is available, and live Buteyko workshops in Hunterdon County, NJ are held periodically.  See for details of live Buteyko workshops for senior citizens.  

Dermod Wood, PhD

Dermod attempts to practice what he preaches, making Buteyko Breathing an integral part of his daily routine, eating a Whole Foods Plant Based diet (with occasional lapses!), and exercising daily (the 20x20™ series of calisthenics with 30 minutes of interval training on the treadmill or Nordic Track). 

Gail Kinsey, BA

Dermod's wife and partner, Gail Kinsey, has been a significant influence in getting his health on track, with better nutrition, weight loss and a whole-food-plant-based diet.  

Around 20 years ago, Dermod's doctor suggested cholesterol and blood pressure medications.  Together, Gail and Dermod started on a Weight Watchers™ diet. With the addition of a walking program Dermod lost 30 pounds (13 Kg), and has maintained it.  This brought cholesterol and blood pressure down to healthy limits where they remain.  At age 82, he's in great health, and on no medications.

Gail is a licensed massage therapist with her own business, the Massage Therapy Group, and more than 25 years experience specializing in pain management.  She is also a graduate of the Plant Based Nutrition Certificate Program at eCornell, created by The China Study co-author, T. Colin Campbell, PhD, and she is the lead on the nutritional part of the Buteyko Plus program.