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Buteyko Breathing Method
Restore healthy breathing habits and Reduce the discomfort of:
   • Asthma
   • Allergies
   • Snoring and Sleep Apnea

What do these diseases have in common?
— They are all associated with poor breathing habits.

Well over 100,000 people worldwide have been helped by the Buteyko Breathing Method, and in clinical trials in Russia, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the UK, and Ireland it has been shown to be highly effective for a wide variety of chronic breathing-related conditions.  It is not yet widely-known in the United States.

How's your breathing?

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you do?

We provide comprehensive Buteyko Breathing Training and Support

  • Comprehensive training and ongoing support for the development of new breathing habits to reverse chronic overbreathing (hyperventilation) that leads to a wide variety of breathing-related disease.
  • Developing new habits takes time.  It cannot be done in a few lessons or even over a weekend course.  We leverage the power of the web and the smartphone to provide comprehensive support and encouragement for the duration of your training.

Beyond Buteyko - courses covering Exercise, Nutrition, Sleep and General Health

  • Our primary course is the Buteyko breathing method. This is because without correct breathing we believe it's a not productive to try to make improvements in other areas of health. Once you have mastered the basics of correct breathing, and can achieve a control pause of 30 or above, we suggest that you move on to the additional courses provided: Exercise, Nutrition, Sleep and General Health.
  • The courses work synergistically together to achieve our goal of total health and healthy aging.  We will work with you to optimize a program to produce results.

What is the Buteyko Method?

The Buteyko Method

  • The Buteyko Breathing Method consists of a series of exercises designed to change your breathing habits. The method uses nasal breathing, breath control, and breath-holding exercises to treat a wide range of health conditions, often when other more conventional treatments have proved ineffective.  
  • It is a multidisciplinary approach drawing on elements of biochemistry, biomechanics, biodynamics and psychology to address a wide variety of breathing-related health issues, which can be summed up as follows:
  • The More Air We Breath - The Less Oxygen is Available to the Body and Brain
  • The Less Air We Breath - The More Oxygen is Available to the Body and Brain
  • The Method is designed to permanently change your breathing habits:
  • Breathe through the nose at all times, never through the mouth
  • Breathe into the abdominal area, not into the upper chest
  • Breathe just enough air to satisfy your biological requirements
  • Breathe at the optimal rate: 8-12 breaths per minute

How can this help me?

This training can help you in many ways...

  • It will provide a better quality of life, by improving your breathing, your sleep, and your ability to exercise
  • It can reduce your need for asthma and allergy medications
  • Together with the other life-style changes, it will naturally reduce high blood pressure and high blood sugar
  • It can provide a boost to your athletic performance, if you're an aging athlete
  • It can greatly improve your mood and outlook on life

Improvement in many chronic conditions...

Diseases of Affluence include mostly chronic non-communicable diseases (NCDs) and other physical health conditions for which personal lifestyles and societal conditions associated with economic development are believed to be an important risk factor — such as type 2 diabetes, asthma, coronary heart disease, cerebrovascular disease, peripheral vascular disease, obesity, hypertension, cancer, alcoholism, gout, and some types of allergy.

Many of these diseases of affluence are related to chronic hyperventilation, in which a person breathes more air than the body requires. This depletes the carbon dioxide in the lungs then the blood stream, which in turn makes less oxygen available to the muscles, organs and brain (the Bohr Effect, a physiological phenomenon first described in 1904 by the Danish physiologist Christian Bohr).  

By retraining breathing habits, Buteyko Breathing Training reduces this chronic hyperventilation, resulting in improvements to a wide variety of seemingly unrelated conditions such as: 

  • asthma
  • allergies/hay fever
  • chronic bronchitis
  • emphysema
  • bronchiectasis
  • migraines/headaches
  • panic attacks
  • chronic fatigue
  • snoring/sleep apnea
  • sinusitis/rhinitis
  • nasal polyps
  • and even depression.

What is your training method?

Structured online lessons, coaching and workshops

The Four Pillars of the Buteyko-Plus™ Method
  • Accountability - We provide online tools where you can enter the results of your exercises and your morning breath hold time, which is a primary measure of your progress. These are reviewed regularly by our staff who will provide appropriate feedback.
  • Encouragement - When and if you feel stuck, help is always available. We will reach out to you if it looks like you are in trouble, or you can phone or email for help, attend an online workshop, or even book a one-on-one online counselling session.
  • Coaching - Weekly one-on-one Zoom consultation and training for 12 weeks, and as required after that.
  • Systems - The Buteyko Plus™ Program has been specifically designed to teach Buteyko effectively over the Internet.  This has involved implementing a Learning Management System (LMS) for managing the lessons, and various other systems for monitoring progress, collecting, presenting and reviewing data.  
    The website is fully responsive, equally convenient on the desktop computer, the tablet and smart phone.

Can Buteyko breathing help with covid-19?


Buteyko Breathing reduces the total amount of air that you breathe in, and by emphasizing nasal breathing, ensures that the air passes through the very effective filters in the nasal passages.  Together,  these will greatly reduce the number of pathogens that reach your bronchial tubes and lungs, reducing your chance of infection.  

In addition, the nitric oxide produced in the nasal passages while breathing through the nose, kills bacteria and viruses and is a natural bronchodilator which can make mask-wearing more tolerable.  It can even make breathing easier and make you more comfortable, if you do contract the disease.  For more details see the blogpost

How much does it cost and what's included?

Basic Buteyko Breathing Course
By Subscription
$95 First Month

It can take  several months until Buteyko Breathing becomes an established habit.
This is a complete Buteyko Breathing course  tailored to your needs, which includes video and text lessons.

  • 30-minute initial Zoom consultation and training session. 
  • Weekly one-hour Zoom workshops limited to a maximum of 8 participants. 
  • Training tailored specifically to your needs.
  • Online training with video and text lessons covering all the materials at a manageable pace.
  • Helpdesk support.
  • Additional one-on-one online consultation available at extra cost.
Total Health Course
To be determined

The Total Health Course (in development) will cover Exercise, Nutrition, Sleep and General Health.   

  • Requires prior completion of the Buteyko Breathing Course.
  • Fully customized for age and health.
  • Achieve the best health possible for You

Individual and Family Counseling Program

Some people have special requirements, and require more individual support.
This concierge program, in addition to six months of individual or  family counseling sessions by Zoom, includes access to the complete Buteyko Breathing and Total Health Courses with video and text lessons.

  • Weekly Zoom training and counselling sessions (more frequently as required).
  • Training tailored specifically to your needs.
  • Phone and text access to the instructor.
  • Includes future courses in exercise, nutrition, sleep and general health practices.  
  • This program will enable you to achieve the best health possible, and maintain it into old age.

Contact Dermod Wood, +1 908-310-9667 to discuss your needs.

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